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Founded in 2007 the idea behind the business was to put search engine optimisation within arms reach of every single UK business. Previously SEO had been only affordable for larger businesses and this didn’t seem right. Why should it be different for any business whether your turnover is £30,000 or £30,000,000 per annum?


We earned our badges by owning our skills over years and years of sales marketing and IT knowledge and hands on experience.

We work differently

We don’t operate with a sales force with large expensive offices which ultimately you the client would pay for.

Our team is a small but professional outfit and that’s the way we like it.

Whenever you call you will speak to a familiar voice and have a direct point of access and contact with whenever you need.

Why do our clients stay with us after 9 years?

Our strong business relationships alongside the bulletproof reliable service we offer is the reason we have such a high client retention. In fact we still have the majority of our customers from when we first started trading 9 years ago.

“Talk is cheap in our office, just get the job done and keep the client happy”

Ethical SEO

If you’re wondering do our solid and consistent rankings for our clients mean we use black hat methods then the answer is NO! You only get strong positions that last by playing by the rules. We are constantly re-evaluating new methods to improve our SEO approach but we’re not testing them on live client sites, we have a number of test or dummy SEO sites that we use.