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Is Google Rolling Out Penguin Update in the UK?

google penguin coming soonI tweeted Barry Schwartz @rustybrick last week after seeing some fairly big SERP movement to see if he had noticed anything or if one of his many thousands of followers were tweeting the same news. Apparently not but this isn’t the first time the UK saw a Google Penguin update roll out. See our blog about Google Penguin 3.1 Update 

Big Changes in SERPs Yesterday (19th November 2015)

Yesterday 19th November we saw 3 of our clients jump up in the SERPs hitting #1 for the primary keyword/phrase. I did what every SEO does and clears their browser cache, and fresh search. Same results! Go home check on my laptop, same results!

This morning we are seeing the same thing with more sites ranking up. I reached out to several people in the industry whom all are reporting the same thing.

Is the latest update link related or something else?

honestly i have no idea whats going on over at google i think its the pixies

Maybe it’s just magic!

It’s very early to speculate but that’s what the internet is good for, guessing or judging something based on a brief insight in to a blip or a change. So what the hell I’m gonna stoke this fire whilst its hot.

Speaking to others and reading the twittersphere many think it’s the long awaited Penguin update, but no no say’s Google.

If it’s not Penguin what could it be?

Well, we know that Google’s latest guideline update suggests that visitor experience and quality is more important than ever.I can say quite safely that at least 1 site I am working with hasn’t don’t anything major in terms of link acquisition or removal in the last 12 months but has jumped to page 1 overnight. What they have done is improve their website and make it easier for users.

Right now I am torn between a Penguin roll or pre penguin roll out testing or a general core update to the Google search algorithm.

I’ll be honest it’s late on a Friday and i have beer waiting so i’m off but hopefully this update will continue to roll out and we will have a better idea of what is going on next week.


google "whatever"

Google Penguin is coming before the end of the year

Right Penguin spotters (basically all you geeks out there who care about penguins and panda updates) there’s been a lot of chatter on Twitter etc about Google’s next major also update, Penguin 4.0 to be exact.

Almost a year since Penguin 3,0 refreshed

quantum leapIt’s almost a year ago since Penguin 3.0 refreshed and to be honest it left most of us who cared a bit well…meh! It didn’t seem to either that major in any case and it didn’t have the global impact we all kind of expected.

If you’re website had been walloped by Google’s antarctic waddling bird previously, and had been working really hard to try and undo all that guff SEO you were hoping for the 3.0 Penguin refresh to put all right than once went wrong. (Sorry I borrowed that from Quantum Leap) But when it came and went with not that much really happening (as reported online by SEO’s or webmasters) we waited for the next update.

Gary Illyes at Google confirms Penguin roll out before end of 2015?

shitty christmas

Well 12 months on almost and Gary Illyes head of some part of Google than trains animals to hunt down naughty SEOs or something (who honestly cares) said on Twitter that Penguin will more than likely be rolled out before the end of the year. (Please be Christmas day)

So let’s take that as a sign it’s going to happen even though it could be early 2016 this would appear to be the update many have been waiting for.


Penguin 3.0 kind of sucked and Penguin 4.0 is at least 1.0 better

The maths don’t lie guys Google Penguin 4.0 is 1.0 better than the last major update, so deal with it!


Evidence to suggest Google has already begun roll outs or testing of the next Penguin update

google "whatever"

Let’s forget who said what on Twitter for a minute lets look at some evidence.

  1. We can confirm we have seen definite signals that would suggest a roll out. Sites that have been hit by the last Penguin 2.0 update than never really recovered with 3,0 but 10 days ago saw 300% increase in traffic.
  2. Spikes in webmaster tools
  3. A big moon and lunar eclipse (yeah that was Google for sure)


What does this mean for SEO’s and webmasters

I think two things really, if you’re still spamming  number one: ‘oh dear you haven’t learned a thing have you and good luck‘ and number two if you’ve been good and trying to clean up your act and get your site and links in to shape you should be about to see a recovery.

I think we’re going to see a load of spammers moaning and on the other side a lot of impacted sites recover very quickly.



Using Infographics for Link Bait

Here’s an idea instead of providing your website users with content that’s just drivel why not create an engaging infographic? After all they say an image speaks a thousand words

Top tips for staying stress free in the workplace

Top tips for staying stress free in the workplace [Infographic] by the team at Syntax Integration

Add this infographic to your website by copying and pasting the following embed code:

The problem with the Google Panda algorithm

google panda is not fairThe Google Panda update was designed to prevent poor quality content, spammy content and copyright infringement. And in most cases it worked really well. It got webmaster to shape up their tactics and ensure the user was catered for with quality unique content.

But there is one issue with Google Panda we’ve found that means your website can still be penalised by Panda even if you’ve played by the rules.

Here we look at the unseen problems with Google Panda and is it really fair that you work hard on your website to deliver quality user driven content that when someone else lifts it you get penalised?



Someone stole my page content and my site rankings dropped!

We always advise our clients and friends to make sure their website content is unique and user friendly, it’s a basic fundamental of SEO these days. But what happens when someone else lifts your page content for their own use?

You get slapped by an overly eager penguin that’s what!

Recently we helped a business who’d had some pretty poor SEO in the past, lots of spammy inbound links which lead to Google Penguin issues and a manual action penalty and duplicate site-wide content. Due to the nature of their business; an online retailer selling juicers and health food appliances duplicate content is pretty hard to avoid when all your suppliers and outlets use the same content. However we ran a full site audit and prepared the disavow file, removed as many spammy links as possible and employed a skilled copywriter to help with rewriting their on page content.

google website traffic increases

Over the next 6 months the site rankings really improved as did their online sales as a business – great!

2 weeks ago something happened we couldn’t explain

I noticed 2 weeks ago their main landing page for ‘cold press juicers’ bombed! No reason, couldn’t be a link issue as it has some great inbound and natural links now. Quality content had been rewritten and people had began to share it, brilliant! That’s a win in SEO land.

We noticed that many of the SERPS for this search phrase were US and AU related sites, we’ve seen this before and deemed it to be some kind of glitch and would correct itself over the coming days. But it didn’t! And this is the only page that has been affected. The site as a whole is performing better than ever apart from this one page.

I started to check for dropped links, off page issues such as https vs http issues, they’d had this problem before. But all was clear.

I even contacted their web developers to make sure they’d not something like no index the page, but again nothing.


Checking how Google saw the page with site: search should show me all the pages indexed, and usually the most popular pages will be listed at the top. This landing page wasn’t anywhere near the top which is odd as it was previously 2nd or 3rd. That doesn’t obviously mean there’s an issue but it made me think, ‘Google doesn’t like this page anymore’.

site colon to check for indexed pages in google search results

More checks

So now i thought lets see how it ranks if you search pages from UK.

Great it’s page 1 at least but a bit lower than before.

No manual actions in webmaster tools

I had already checked in the webmaster tools account for a manual action or any recent link activity that could be seen as suspicious. No change to suggest this was an issue.

Is it a duplicate copy issue?

As the copy had be rewritten earlier this year and checked and the client had signed up with to notify of any duplicate copy issues we never checked this as we didn’t think it would be an issue.

Anyway to make sure no stone was left uncovered I ran the site through copyscape and found this error straight away.

duplicate content found in copyscape - hit by panda?

What the spam?!?!

83% page of page content found. Great! Copyscape tracking code had been removed on the latest site development changes and hadn’t picked this up.

The source of the duplicate content appears to be some spammy free hosted blog, they’d lifted lots of content from many sites to try and rank themselves, probably to make their own spammy link technique even more relevant.

The problem with duplicate content on a free hosted blog or micro site

Normally we would just reach out to the site owner and say ‘please remove this content otherwise we’re coming after you’. But as it is an anonymous free hosted blog we have little chance there. We could try and contact the owner of the free hosted blog but there is a quicker way.

Now we have two choices to fix it

Either rewrite the 2000+ words of content or use DMCA which will cost $199, much more cost effective than paying a copywriter to redo it. No brainer then DMCA it is.

So this is the unseen issue with Google Panda in my opinion, even when you play by the rules you can still get penalised. There are still lots of individuals and companies using outdated black hat/lazy SEO to get results. And whilst those who play by the book should be safe from Panda it’s clearly not quite the case as this case study shows.

Panda is here to help the user and I believe in most cases it works. But is it fair that businesses should have to monitor their content on a regular basis to ensure it’s always unique and not copied and reused?

Moral of the story: Write great content but check it regularly for content thieves as you may get punished




google penguin 1.0 update

Why your business cannot afford to not link audit

Penguin you know it right, it’s the big evil artic bird that sounds kind of cute but won’t hesitate to tear your face off and give you a give you a continual kicking for 12 months until it decides maybe enough is enough.


In 2012 Google marketing as we know it changed for ever.

Well for most of us who had any sense it did anyway. You see Google realized it wasn’t just the SEO community out there that grasped what made a site rank on the first page but it was pretty much common knowledge for many business owners and website admins. So much so everyone was apparently a website optimizer


So in 2012 Google released it’s first version of the angry Penguin, thing of angry birds the game yet less fun but it is free so in some ways a bit similar I guess, definitely less fun though.


“Watch out Penguin 1.0 is out”


So out waddles Google’s Penguin to go forth and lay waste to any websites that had been using link building to improve their website rankings. Duh! Like everyone wasn’t doing this. It’s just Google said come on guys we know you know the recipe to out secret sauce but let’s reign it in a bit. Plus I’m sure Adwords revenue must have been suffering because there is literally just as much spam where ever you look still today. Anyway I have gone off track a bit.


Being penalized by penguin doesn’t just stop there.


Penguin punishes literally thousands and thousands of website, ranking #1 page 1 to not in the first 100 organic positions, and for those who had a taste of Penguin and didn’t like it you probably hated the aftermath even more of trying to recover. You see Penguin is a bitch! Not only do you get penalized but at that time of the first Google Penguin (Penguin 1.0) update you wouldn’t be likely to see a recovery for more than 12 months on the next algorithm refresh, OUCH! And they said divorcees have it bad, I disagree.


The aftermath of Google Penguin – can you recover your rankings?


Once your site has been penalized by an algorithmic penalty you’ve spoken with the team/person/company responsive for your SEO up to date and either fired them or got them to re-evaluate their techniques and to correct what’s wrong and what put your website under scrutiny in the first place.

This means removing spammy links right? Yes & No


Penguin is a clever creature it knows that spam isn’t just a link on an irrelevant domain with poorly written (I say that loosely as many were just spinning content as a fast and cost-effective way of posting relevant content)


Penguin also looks at anchor text, which from our experience is what caught Google Penguin’s eye in the first place. If your website has lots of money terms as the anchor text such as ‘BEST SEO’ and these over-rich anchor phrase links make up the majority of your in bound link profile then you probably need to start there.


How do I know if my link profile is spammy?

google penguin spam Ok go to this website add your domain it’s free to use to a certain extent and look at the anchor phrase ratio. Is your brand name or website or naked URLs the primary results?

If not you’ve got a penguin problem and penguin is hungry for SPAM

So let’s presume you’ve spent 12 months cleaning up your back link profile and it’s clean, you know it’s clean. You’ve stopped link building (hopefully) for the purposes of just gaining inbound links and domains and Google releases the next incarnation of the Penguin update.


Your site starts to recover but it’s not immediate you don’t see instant results but why?


The easiest way to put it is you’ve removed all the links that gave your organic rankings and page one results in the first place so now you have a clean site but it’s not performing. So you start link building again……..

I don’t believe that all businesses have stopped acquiring links to improve their search engine positioning I think most have changed the way they do it and hopefully do so in a more organic fashion such as blogging, PR, contributing content that will be shared by others.


But you’ve stopped auditing your inbound links are you mental?


are you mental you've stopped link auditingI personally audit inbound links to each clients website once a month if not once a week. We manually check each inbound domain and link and look for certain metrics such as anchor text, page authority, domain authority, Google trust rating, Alexa rating and quality of relevant content.

Of course the more traffic your website gets or the more content you have will likely to be shared with others you cannot stop that, the internet is the sharing of information but you need to be sure you want that you want your website to be associated with that shared content or link.




This is a good example of an organic back link you might want to disavow

example of a questionable back link you may want to disavow

You can see it is from a relevant domain it’s about blending and it’s referring back to a blog page on a blender website. But….. The anchor text is ‘Best Blender Reviews- Compare the best blenders in the world’

It sounds organic but it could be mistaken for spam or unnatural link procurement by Google so what do you do?

In this case we disavowed the link anyway even though it was a NO FOLLOW link so there was not worry.


Why you should be auditing your links to safe guard your website on an on going basis

Don’t take chances be proactive taking time every month to audit your links will hopefully prevent you from being hit by the next Google Penguin update.

If you need help with link auditing post Penguin speak to us today on 01274 214 210.


Mobilegeddon a golden opportunity in disguise?

I’m not going to churn out the same old ‘THIS IS THE END’ that you’ve seen everywhere. I believe with every negative there is of course a positive, and sometimes it’s easy for us to look for everything that is scary or strange or in this case worrying for business owners and get carried away.

So I am going to do it like Busta Rhymes would say and ‘flip it on em, flip mode is the greatest!

Gimme some more!….Traffic please

So all you negative nellies let’s try and change your mindset of yours for a minute. Yes all Google notifications especially ones about losing traffic and dropping rankings are going to initially alarm but let’s look at the positives on this Global updated now known as ‘Mobilegeddon‘ which I personally dislike even though I have titled it just that to get traffic as i know there will be many searching for this.

Mobilegeddon has kept a lot of designers and SEO’s in work

It’s also made business owners more aware and take notice of what we are always trying to tell them. Surely that is a positive. More work for everyone and business owners and webmaster who are communicating with their development team. Forget marketing for a second, people are great at communicating (overall) and I bet you anything we’ve all being building a stronger relationship with our customers and colleagues over the last 2 months. Personally speaking I have connected with more customers that i’d normally only speaking to every month a few times a few to every day and that’s led to more opportunities and more importantly a connection.

You can call me soppy but i don’t just work for income, i take a huge pride in my work and how people think of my service and my business that I have built over the last 10 years. So when someone calls me and tell me thank you for really going the extra mile, that does something for me.

If we only learn one thing surely building business relationships has to be one of them.

Google updates will come and continue to update so why the wonder?

Crikey! Google is changing something I must panic. (No wait they've changed their logo)

Crikey! Google is changing something I must panic. (No wait they’ve changed their logo)

“Have you heard Google is going to destroy the world with a piece of code!” That’s pretty much what 99% of the NET (I purposely wanted to use that 90′s tech term because I thought it was a particularly bad film with Sandra Bullock and why not?)

We can hardly be surprised by updates they are so frequent but why do we panic?

Sandra wasn’t worried she had more pressing issues about an overdue video rental she needed to take back






Google mobilegeddon is it a opportunity in disguise?

( Yeah 4 times i’ve used that now but what else can I use?)

Joking aside now i’m going to talk about the positives of this latest google mobile update that could actually be a blessing for your business or clients.

If you’re site is already responsive ahead of the update then relax you’re probably going to be alright and there’s a good chance you might see a boost in rankings and traffic. Because for every site that is responsive there must be at least 10 that aren’t. I don’t have an exact figure because quite honestly I have a life and finding that out doesn’t worry me enough.

  • If your competition isn’t going to bother to update their own site AWESOME and hello ££$$$
  • Increased traffic – we are already seeing it in the UK
  • I’ve posted on Twitter about possibly seeing some signs of the update already rolling out 24 hours ago or a test version of it and our sites are ranking better and seeing higher daily unique visitors.

Google scared you in to thinking about helping the user

So let’s not just take this idea of catastrophic end of the world updates and think of it as a positive as Google probably intended it to be. After all this update has got you off your ass and developing a site you’ve possibly neglected over the last year or so. You’re thinking about the user experience just because Google scared you in to it. I think that’s a genius plan on their part and it’s worked.

Remember from the Penguin and Panda updates just because you get slapped it doesn’t mean you can’t get back up on your feet.

#Mobileheaven not #mobilegeddon

(5 times now)

Run with the positive:

I love my customers + I want to make their experience better + It’s not all doom and gloom + I will prosper if I prepare for it


P.S I am sick of reading on twitter and Google News ‘Google update could destroy your business’ i want to see Google update could transform your business’


Don’t forget to share and post your comments!

whats more important than seo

More important than SEO is conversion

I thought I would write this because we get some many businesses who come to us who have one specific goal in mind ‘to get the #1 position on google’ and that’s all that matters.


Things have changed in SEO

things have changed in seo

But after 10 years in the business I’ve learnt one really important lesson I wanted to share with every webmaster and SEO out there.

Your site can rank #1 on Google all day long but if those clicks don’t result in sales then it’s pointless anyway. What I mean by that is new orders on your e-commerce website or phone enquiries to your health practice a sale is a sale.


How the role of an SEO has changed

I think the job of an SEO has developed in to something else, certainly from our point of view anyway. No longer is my job to just get a website to rank for a bunch of keywords. Our clients look for overall marketing assistance.

I can’t speak for every other SEO agency out there but some that I know of have said the same thing. Our roles have changed, we now advise on best practices to develop and grow a business. From email marketing, print marketing, design, social media, brand awareness, PPC, website content marketing, blog writing, link building, link acquisition, link auditing, copy checking from duplicate content, and visitor to sale conversion.

I am working with 2 sites in particular right now that are seeing improved traffic growth from both organic and Adwords driven traffic. But at the same time their sales aren’t increasing in some cases they have stalled. We’re not talking about irrelevant traffic data either the sources are perfect and are tried and testing so we know they work. In both these cases it is down to user experience and making it as easy as possible for the customer to buy.


Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

dont put all your marketing eggs in one basketI can see why the focus for any business driven by the internet is about getting good rankings for relevant searches but when your website shopping cart doesn’t work or isn’t easy to use then when should a customer hand over hard earned cash?

Look at it this way if the user is made to work for it then you’ve already lost them.

SEO doesn’t work without a site that isn’t there to help the user (END OF!)



Riddle me this – then pay

It’s almost like we are saying ok you want this product let’s say a brand new 50” HD TV but before you can pay us for that privilege we want you to complete this puzzle which may take several minutes at all and even when you do complete it you may not even be able to process your order because we do not support your device which you are browsing on.


If it’s broken then fix it

It’s not rocket science if your site isn’t working for whatever reasons no amount of unique visitors will generate more sales orders or business enquiries.


Won’t you think of the user for the love of god

Don’t neglect your users they are the reason you spent all this money on your custom website and invested even more in to SEO and PPC marketing. Take time to audit your site on a regular basis, once a week is not overkill. Small updates can affect the user experience positively or negatively, in the case we mentioned above it was due to site updates to contact forms and preparing for the Google mobile update on the 21st April 2015.


Mobile is a big deal don’t neglect it

Until recently we wouldn’t use our tablets or smartphones in the office to check on a clients site simply because we use large screen desktops. But now we check and do test orders for clients.


Our advice to keep your site converting sales

  • Weekly mobile & desktop audits
  • Audit traffic sources and visitor times
  • Improve that bounce rate
  • Offer the customer more than one way to place an order or get in touch
  • Refresh content as often as possible
  • Don’t think SEO is the key to everything it’s just a method of delivering traffic your website is the converter






google penguin recovery service uk

Understanding how to recover from a Google Penguin update

google penguin updates datesUnderstanding how to recover from a Google Penguin update, simplified. We all know the damage a nasty corporate penguin can do to a business, just last year alone we had an influx of new clients contacting us to help their websites recover from a manual action or Google Penguin update.

We have listed below the known dates of all Google Penguin updates since the first Google Penguin rollout in April 2012.

This doesn’t include suspected Penguin refreshes in late 2014 around December. Since then Google are rolling out continual updates on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.


Dates of Google Penguin updates

  • Penguin 1.0 on April 24, 2012
  • Penguin 1.1 on May 26, 2012
  • Penguin 1.2 on October 5, 2012
  • Penguin 2.0 on May 22, 2013
  • Penguin 2.1 on Oct. 4, 2013
  • Penguin 3.0 on October 17, 2014

Thanks to search engine land for their work on this.

If your website dip in rankings coincides with any of these dates it is likely that your website was affected by a Google Penguin algorithm update. Speak to us about our Penguin Recovery service

Taking action against Google Penguin – What to do next?

killing google penguin

How to kill the Penguin

If you believe that your site has been hit from a Penguin update you’re already on the road to recovery. Burying your head in the sand isn;’t going to magic your rankings all back trust me on this you’re going to need to be proactive and fix these issues.

1.) The first step to recovering from Google Penguin Penalty

Link auditing of all inbound and outbound links to your website. Some people only concentrate on newly acquired inbound links but we’ve discovered that even historic links added years ago can haunt you later on. In fact in one case with a hypnotherapy clinic in Manchester we found the historic links which had been forwarded to another domain to remove them which where then forwarded back to the new domain due to an error on behalf of the hosting company which had a clean link profile, in fact no links at all were the issue. Once these were removed the penalty was lifted. In this case it was a manual action and a Penguin attack.

Link auditing toxic links

Link Auditing is the process of manually checking each back link to your site to look for potential spam or even high quality links that contravene Google’s guideline policies on link building to manipulate search rankings.

We recommend using a specialist link tool to search for all in bound links. We prefer as our choice of link checking tools. Webmaster Tools also has been updated recently and we see newly added links showing in as little as a few days so make sure you check out Webmaster Tools.

Knowing which links are toxic and you need to remove

It’s not as simple as just removing any link you see. Google isn’t just looking for nasty domains such as anymore it is far more sophisticated, because let’s be honest SEO’s and the link building community has found ways to cheat the system.

Link auditing – It’s all in the detail

Analysing each link takes a great deal of time and expertise. We look for very specific data that would trigger a Google Penguin penalty from link building. Here are some things to look out for:

  • Anchor Text over use for ‘money terms

If you see a majority of the links pointing to your site with anchor text like ‘cheap hotels’ ‘dentist London’ ‘pay day loans’ get rid! Play it safe don’t leave it to chance.

  • Site-Wide links: The odd site-wide link could be seen as organic but if your link profile is showing a majority of site wide links such as footer or widget links pay attention to these, they maybe the reason for your penalty. In 2014 we saw sites that had really good links from reputable sites but had too many site-wide links. Removing site wide links lifted the Google Penguin penalty almost instantly.
  • Link Quality: Do your links come from a reputable source or are they posted on irrelevant websites/blogs/forums? In 2012 this was one of the first Penguin updates to track these spammy links out.
  • Contextual back links: Okay i think this has been covered a million times but for those not aware link contextuality is key to successful and safe link building. Avoid spun content that can’t be read by a human being without being drunk. Google’s filters can easily spot this kind of manipulation and if you spot any links with spun or junk content delete delete delete or disavow

The process of trying to remove toxic back links

toxic back links

Removing toxic back links

Depending on your websites position, a manual action usually requires you to reach out to webmaster and remove individual back links before your reconsideration request will be successful. However an algorithmic Penguin penalty you can use Google Disavow Tool to tell Google you are aware of these low quality or manipulative back links and wish for them to be ignored.

Trying to find contact information for a website to remove a link

whois domain contact details to remove back linksIt is best practice to try and remove the links altogether which means trying to contact whom ever added the links in the first place. As I suspect though the previous SEO has probably been fired by now and are unwilling to help. Which means you have to contact the webmaster of each site and write to them with the details of the link on their site and your request to remove them. Let’s imagine you have 1200 links to your site from 800 referring domains. That means 800 email contacts you have to source which is no easy task as a lot of the spammier sites hide their contact information from public view. This includes using whois tool but .com domains can be hidden all togehter for instance which means no contact information. We have gone to great lengths for clients in the past using social media or generic info@ admin@ enquiries@ links@ to each domain. So you’ve taken 4 years to write 800 customised emails, and have attempted to contact them at least 4 times with dated records and notes which you can provide Google with. It’s a HUGE test ahead of you.

Fortunately we offer a link removal service where we use all our know how and team of link removal professionals to reach out to each website on your behalf and ask them to remove the links for you. All you have to do is sit back and wait for the results.


If in doubt DISAVOW

google disavow tool

Okay that was a bit misleading we are not suggestion to go and disavow all your back links that’s not advice we’d recommend. But from from an experience SEO’s perspective when you’ve hit a dead end and you aren’t able to remove any more toxic links and you know which ones are the issue – DISAVOW.

We have recovered more websites that have been hit by Google Penguin updates using this method alone than any other.




Learning from the past and moving forward to prosper in organic search

If there’s one piece of advice i could give to you it would be learn from the problems you’ve experienced. Remember any site can prosper online again even when they’ve had multiple Penguin penalties just as long as you correct them and walk down a new path.

Hopefully you have found this blog useful and feel free to share as you need. If you have any questions just drop us an email.


google mobile update 21st April 2015

Google Mobile Update 21st April 2015

Hey guys thanks for visiting. As you have heard Google has announce a major update to it’s algorithm which is launching in April.

Google is launching is major update on 21st April 2015

This update will affect all websites that are not responsive.

What it means for your business

There is no time to bury your head in the sand with this one. We’re giving you insider knowledge to an algorithm update that is likely to be a game changer ahead of time.

Google know’s that more people are using smart phones and tablets to browse online and it’s adapting it’s search results to match content that is presented in a responsive way.

It is very likely that non-responsive websites will not perform in search results as those that are.

What do you need to do to avoid a drop in rankings

Speak to your web design agency and get them to check that your website is 100% responsive. T

Free Google Responsive Testing Tool – Click Here

If you don’t have a website designer speak to us and we will send some recommendation for companies you can speak with.

Our advice is don’t leave this to chance, stay ahead of the curve in time for this major search engine update.