Google Mobile Update 21st April 2015

Hey guys thanks for visiting. As you have heard Google has announce a major update to it’s algorithm which is launching in April.

Google is launching is major update on 21st April 2015

This update will affect all websites that are not responsive.

What it means for your business

There is no time to bury your head in the sand with this one. We’re giving you insider knowledge to an algorithm update that is likely to be a game changer ahead of time.

Google know’s that more people are using smart phones and tablets to browse online and it’s adapting it’s search results to match content that is presented in a responsive way.

It is very likely that non-responsive websites will not perform in search results as those that are.

What do you need to do to avoid a drop in rankings

Speak to your web design agency and get them to check that your website is 100% responsive. T

Free Google Responsive Testing Tool – Click Here

If you don’t have a website designer speak to us and we will send some recommendation for companies you can speak with.

Our advice is don’t leave this to chance, stay ahead of the curve in time for this major search engine update.