More important than SEO is conversion

I thought I would write this because we get some many businesses who come to us who have one specific goal in mind ‘to get the #1 position on google’ and that’s all that matters.


Things have changed in SEO

things have changed in seo

But after 10 years in the business I’ve learnt one really important lesson I wanted to share with every webmaster and SEO out there.

Your site can rank #1 on Google all day long but if those clicks don’t result in sales then it’s pointless anyway. What I mean by that is new orders on your e-commerce website or phone enquiries to your health practice a sale is a sale.


How the role of an SEO has changed

I think the job of an SEO has developed in to something else, certainly from our point of view anyway. No longer is my job to just get a website to rank for a bunch of keywords. Our clients look for overall marketing assistance.

I can’t speak for every other SEO agency out there but some that I know of have said the same thing. Our roles have changed, we now advise on best practices to develop and grow a business. From email marketing, print marketing, design, social media, brand awareness, PPC, website content marketing, blog writing, link building, link acquisition, link auditing, copy checking from duplicate content, and visitor to sale conversion.

I am working with 2 sites in particular right now that are seeing improved traffic growth from both organic and Adwords driven traffic. But at the same time their sales aren’t increasing in some cases they have stalled. We’re not talking about irrelevant traffic data either the sources are perfect and are tried and testing so we know they work. In both these cases it is down to user experience and making it as easy as possible for the customer to buy.


Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

dont put all your marketing eggs in one basketI can see why the focus for any business driven by the internet is about getting good rankings for relevant searches but when your website shopping cart doesn’t work or isn’t easy to use then when should a customer hand over hard earned cash?

Look at it this way if the user is made to work for it then you’ve already lost them.

SEO doesn’t work without a site that isn’t there to help the user (END OF!)



Riddle me this – then pay

It’s almost like we are saying ok you want this product let’s say a brand new 50” HD TV but before you can pay us for that privilege we want you to complete this puzzle which may take several minutes at all and even when you do complete it you may not even be able to process your order because we do not support your device which you are browsing on.


If it’s broken then fix it

It’s not rocket science if your site isn’t working for whatever reasons no amount of unique visitors will generate more sales orders or business enquiries.


Won’t you think of the user for the love of god

Don’t neglect your users they are the reason you spent all this money on your custom website and invested even more in to SEO and PPC marketing. Take time to audit your site on a regular basis, once a week is not overkill. Small updates can affect the user experience positively or negatively, in the case we mentioned above it was due to site updates to contact forms and preparing for the Google mobile update on the 21st April 2015.


Mobile is a big deal don’t neglect it

Until recently we wouldn’t use our tablets or smartphones in the office to check on a clients site simply because we use large screen desktops. But now we check and do test orders for clients.


Our advice to keep your site converting sales

  • Weekly mobile & desktop audits
  • Audit traffic sources and visitor times
  • Improve that bounce rate
  • Offer the customer more than one way to place an order or get in touch
  • Refresh content as often as possible
  • Don’t think SEO is the key to everything it’s just a method of delivering traffic your website is the converter