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Don’t turn your back on links! What is a good link, what is a bad link?

At one time link building couldn’t harm your website organic rankings but as Google algorithmic updates being rolled out yearly Google Penguin 1.0. 2.0 and 3.0 have changed all that.

Now if you want to keep your website in the safe zone it is vital that you go and look back at your historic inbound links as well.

Maybe you’ve been really really good and not received a manual penalty notification in your Google Webmaster Tools account but that doesn’t mean your safe. You see in the last 12 months alone Google has started to penalise websites that have inbound links that don’t appear to be natural or have been posted just to manipulate search engine rankings.


Penalised by old links

Sitting back and just hoping you won’t get hit at any time with an automated algorithmic penalty or manual action isn’t what you should be doing. You need to audit all inbound links and also outbound links. We have seen data to support outbound links from your site can cause problems of their own. For example if like many you use WordPress and you have plugins on there that give links back to the programmer or website you downloaded it from this can also contravene Google’s strict guideline policies.

How do i know if my site has been hit by Google Penguin algorithm?

If your webstats look something like this:

hit by google penguin 3.0 update stats report














And it coincides with Penguin roll outs then the chances are your site has been hit by Penguin.

No Traffic means no business right?

If you’re  reading this we don’t really need to explain the importance of your site getting enough traffic to generate new business. The biggest problem with Google Penguin is that the effect of it to your business is felt almost immediately. Don’t worry there is a solution we offer which can help to fix this.

But why wait until Penguin strikes on your website when you can avoid it altogether!

Dodging attacks from Penguin

With full and regular monitoring of your inbound back links we can help you avoid such attacks or penalties from Google Penguin updates.

Our website link auditing service includes weekly site wide checks to all new and old inbound links.

  1. We provide full detailed reporting
  2. Removal of poor quality non-penguin safe links
  3. Uploading a link ignore file to Google Disavow Tool.

example of a google penguin recovery

Why is link auditing so important to SEO?

It’s simple, your site is your livelihood and when you neglect or ignore potential threats and dangers that could lead to your site disappearing from Google page 1 the cost to repair or fix can be more expensive than your initial SEO service that got you in trouble  in the first place.

If it’s not broken don’t fix it, except in the case of Penguin and links

An affordable, cost effective solution that will help to avoid issues that could occur later on. It will save you problems and money later on. For a lot less than you think our link auditing team will proactively secure your organic rankings before they ever get hit by Penguin updates.

 Free Link Audit Report

You don’t even have to use us we’re simply offering a FREE back link audit report. No automated tools just 100% manual auditing here in the UK.

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