Mobilegeddon a golden opportunity in disguise?

I’m not going to churn out the same old ‘THIS IS THE END’ that you’ve seen everywhere. I believe with every negative there is of course a positive, and sometimes it’s easy for us to look for everything that is scary or strange or in this case worrying for business owners and get carried away.

So I am going to do it like Busta Rhymes would say and ‘flip it on em, flip mode is the greatest!

Gimme some more!….Traffic please

So all you negative nellies let’s try and change your mindset of yours for a minute. Yes all Google notifications especially ones about losing traffic and dropping rankings are going to initially alarm but let’s look at the positives on this Global updated now known as ‘Mobilegeddon‘ which I personally dislike even though I have titled it just that to get traffic as i know there will be many searching for this.

Mobilegeddon has kept a lot of designers and SEO’s in work

It’s also made business owners more aware and take notice of what we are always trying to tell them. Surely that is a positive. More work for everyone and business owners and webmaster who are communicating with their development team. Forget marketing for a second, people are great at communicating (overall) and I bet you anything we’ve all being building a stronger relationship with our customers and colleagues over the last 2 months. Personally speaking I have connected with more customers that i’d normally only speaking to every month a few times a few to every day and that’s led to more opportunities and more importantly a connection.

You can call me soppy but i don’t just work for income, i take a huge pride in my work and how people think of my service and my business that I have built over the last 10 years. So when someone calls me and tell me thank you for really going the extra mile, that does something for me.

If we only learn one thing surely building business relationships has to be one of them.

Google updates will come and continue to update so why the wonder?

Crikey! Google is changing something I must panic. (No wait they've changed their logo)

Crikey! Google is changing something I must panic. (No wait they’ve changed their logo)

“Have you heard Google is going to destroy the world with a piece of code!” That’s pretty much what 99% of the NET (I purposely wanted to use that 90’s tech term because I thought it was a particularly bad film with Sandra Bullock and why not?)

We can hardly be surprised by updates they are so frequent but why do we panic?

Sandra wasn’t worried she had more pressing issues about an overdue video rental she needed to take back






Google mobilegeddon is it a opportunity in disguise?

( Yeah 4 times i’ve used that now but what else can I use?)

Joking aside now i’m going to talk about the positives of this latest google mobile update that could actually be a blessing for your business or clients.

If you’re site is already responsive ahead of the update then relax you’re probably going to be alright and there’s a good chance you might see a boost in rankings and traffic. Because for every site that is responsive there must be at least 10 that aren’t. I don’t have an exact figure because quite honestly I have a life and finding that out doesn’t worry me enough.

  • If your competition isn’t going to bother to update their own site AWESOME and hello ££$$$
  • Increased traffic – we are already seeing it in the UK
  • I’ve posted on Twitter about possibly seeing some signs of the update already rolling out 24 hours ago or a test version of it and our sites are ranking better and seeing higher daily unique visitors.

Google scared you in to thinking about helping the user

So let’s not just take this idea of catastrophic end of the world updates and think of it as a positive as Google probably intended it to be. After all this update has got you off your ass and developing a site you’ve possibly neglected over the last year or so. You’re thinking about the user experience just because Google scared you in to it. I think that’s a genius plan on their part and it’s worked.

Remember from the Penguin and Panda updates just because you get slapped it doesn’t mean you can’t get back up on your feet.

#Mobileheaven not #mobilegeddon

(5 times now)

Run with the positive:

I love my customers + I want to make their experience better + It’s not all doom and gloom + I will prosper if I prepare for it


P.S I am sick of reading on twitter and Google News ‘Google update could destroy your business’ i want to see Google update could transform your business’


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