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Make sure your website copy isn’t plagiarised anywhere else on the web, Google Panda will issue algorithmic penalties automatically when large copies of content are duplicated which means a dip in your organic rankings and traffic.

Someone has stolen my content

Google doesn’t seem to care whether it’s your fault or not that your site content has been stolen and used on another website it will still penalise you for it. It would certainly appear to be the case that Google is wanting site owners to be proactive and check this themselves and to resolve any issues.

How to recover from a Google Panda penalty

First thing is to find out whether your site has been hit by a Google Panda update and we’ve provided a guide on how to checking if your site is been penalised by Google Panda:

  1. Did you site recently drop in rankings
  2. Have you been link building recently
  3. Check if your website copy is found anywhere else using

Take action against Google Panda and recovery your rankings

The good news when you take action to recover from a Google Panda update the results are almost instantaneous. ┬áSo don’t delay take action today and get your site back on page 1.

FREE Google Panda Report

Unsure if you’re site has been walloped by a Google Panda update? Don’t leave it to chance we offer a FREE no obligation Panda report.

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